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TitleAuthorsJournalPublication year
Structural and functional insights into tRNA recognition by human tRNA guanine transglycosylaseSievers K, Neumann P, (...), Ficner RStructure2024
Rapid and synchronous chemical induction of replicative‐like senescence via a small molecule inhibitor(Open Access) Palikyras S, Sofiadis K, (...), Papantonis AAging Cell2024
In vitro reconstitution of chromatin domains shows a role for nucleosome positioning in 3D genome organization(Open Access) Oberbeckmann E, Quililan K, Cramer P, Oudelaar AMNature Genetics2024
Hypoxia-driven deSUMOylation of EXOSC10 promotes adaptive changes in the transcriptome profile(Open Access) Filippopoulou C, Thomé CC, (...), Chachami GCellular and Molecular Life Sciences2024
Structural basis for RNA polymerase II ubiquitylation and inactivation in transcription-coupled repair(Open Access) Kokic G, Yakoub G, (...), Luijsterburg MSNature Structural & Molecular Biology2024
Structural mechanisms of autoinhibition and substrate recognition by the ubiquitin ligase HACE1(Open Access) Düring J, Wolter M, (...), Lorenz SNature Structural & Molecular Biology2024
RfaA (YqhY), a novel adaptor protein, controls metabolite-sensitive protein degradation in Bacillus subtilis(Open Access) Wicke D, Lentes S, (...), Stülke JbioRxiv2024
Cryo-EM analyses of dimerized spliceosomes provide new insights into the functions of B complex proteins(Open Access) Zhang Z, Kumar V, (...), Lührmann REMBO Journal2024
Structure of the multi-subunit chloroplast RNA polymerase(Open Access) do Prado PF, Ahrens FM, (...), Hillen HSMolecular Cell2024
Atomic Mutagenesis of N6-Methyladenosine Reveals Distinct Recognition Modes by Human m6A Reader and Eraser ProteinsSeitz F, Jungnickel T, (...), Höbartner CJournal of the American Chemical Society2024